Neotek Elite - 80 input large format analogue in-line mixing console

Tannoy System 12DMT

Yamaha NS-20M
Tannoy System 800

Avid ProTools HD2 System
Legacy Alesis ADAT Digital 8-track Recorders for old project transfer!

Avid 192 I/O
Symentrix Lucid 88192
Sonic|Core A16Ultra

Lexicon PCM-80
Yamaha SPX-900
TC 2290
BBE Sonic Maximizer 822A

NTP 179-170 Mastering VCA Compressor/Expander/Gate

dBx 376 Tube microphone pre-amp

DSP powered plugins based on the SonicCore Scope platform including:

Mixing desks, Channelstrip EQ, Channelstrip Dynamics, Channelstrip SC-SL9000, Reverb Effects: LX-Bundle*, SC-RMX 160, 5.1 Surround Reverb.

SonicCore - Scope 5 DSP powered virtual instruments

Synthesizer and Sampler, Sampleplayer, Modularpatches, Arpegiators